Rob’s Espresso BBQ Sauce



In this package you will receive:

3-16oz Bottles of the RAD Espresso BBQ Sauce


Barbecue is a wonderfully rich, varied, and distinctly American cuisine. Combining American tomato with European mustard and/or vinegar, then adding molasses or sugar from the Caribbean and chilies from Central and South America, American Barbecue Sauce is a global fusion of flavors. With the RAD espresso sauce, we believe we have come as close as possible to capturing the essence of what makes American BBQ. It is slightly tangy, yet not overly so. There is a hint of spiciness, yet even the most timid eater will love it. It has a sweetness to it that can‘t be denied, yet it is far from a molasses based BBQ sauce. In the end, the key ingredient is in its title, Espresso. The sauce tastes nothing like coffee, but rather is a deep, dark, rich wonderful blend of all things great About American BBQ; tangy, sweet, spicy and hearty, all in one. Not only does this sauce make your ribs a wonder, it works great as a mopping sauce for tri-tip, a hamburger condiment or a dipping sauce for chicken.